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                                                                                            Our Mission

Our mission is to alleviate the cancer rate in Cebu Province and eventually in the Philippines. Provide medical assistance to hospitals and clinics that offer or have have Cancer Campaigns. To be able to reach the areas that have families/constituents that needs medical help.

   *  To educate the public about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
   *  To promote alternative modality for medical treatment and prevention of cancer and other life threatening diseases.
   *  To receive and distribute funds for establishing and maintaining medical programs for the treatment of cancer and other life threatening                    diseases.
   *  To provide much needed medical equipment and supplies to deserving hospitals, clinics, doctors and individuals, who, otherwise, may not              be able to obtain them without financial aid.
   *  To organize activities and campaigns for soliciting funds and donations in kind necessary and proper for carrying out the foregoing                            purposes.

gift in kind program

Directing our efforts and resources towards supporting programs and services


This container shipment of humanitarian aid arrived in Cebu on February that the Destiny Medical Fund has been receiving Gift-In-Kind (GIK) donations from its donors from abroad.

This GIK shipment was made possible thru the generosity of the Breast Cancer Research Assistance Fund (BCRAF) and the Feed My Hungry Children (FMHC) – coordinated by The 3000 Club of Arizona, charitable organisations from the USA.

This shipment is over 30,000 pounds of humanitarian aid including food, water, medical supplies and equipment. Intended mainly for those affected by Super Typhoon Yoland (Haiyan) and to partner medical institutions that DMFI has been regularly supporting over the years. 

              Eduardo J. Aboitiz Cancer Center

Driven to help women and children, especially the ones inflicted with life threatening diseases, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. – Eduardo J. Aboitiz Cancer Center (RAFI-EJACC), has been partnering with different sectors, such as DSWD, IMCI, VSMMC, CCMC and DMFI in carrying-out their programs; lectors and trainings in cancer awareness, outreach programs – Pap Smear, Moonwalk and assistance to women and children with cancer with good prognosis.

The Destiny Medical Fund (DMFI) supports the programs of the RAFI-EJACC. DMFI has been helping the RAFI-EJACC in their cancer awareness seminars, in conducting free pap smear in areas where women had not yet received such medical services.

Challenges and goals for the coming year. The Destiny Medical Fund Inc. looks forward to:

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challenges and goals

Curing Begins With A Caring Heart

 The year 2018 continued to be one of growth and utilizing our resources to maximize our impact in providing help to those disadvantaged people in need in the Philippines. The organization has been driven by the challenges of providing grants, education, cancer screenings, aid, and medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics that treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other degenerative diseases. Also, providing educational, emotional, financial, and spiritual support will continue to be at the core of our programs.

New challenges have taken the DMF to higher levels of reaching out to the general public in providing support and educational information about health and nutrition in learning to live a healthier lifestyle. Alternative and integrated therapies have become more available to those individuals facing cancer and other degenerative diseases.

As an organization that is dependent upon public support, we must continue to look for more cost effective ways to provide the vital educational materials about nutrition and alternative and integrated therapies for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other degenerative diseases. Our efforts will also continue to focus on acquiring and placing much needed medical equipment, medical supplies and humanitarian aid in clinics and hospitals that treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other degenerative diseases. In addition, new programs will also focus on providing much needed medical services through clinics in the Philippines. As a result, the clinics and hospitals will be able to provide a much more cost-effective program for the patients with cancer and their families.

The Cebu Region and a major city in the southern most part of the Philippines underwent several major catastrophes both natural and man-made in 2013 with the attack of Zamboanga City in Mindanao by separatists, Bohol Earthquake and Typhoon (Haiyan) Yolanda. Hundreds of thousands of the residents in the area were left homeless. Thousands of homes were destroyed. Several hospitals were flattened. Thousands were physically injured whom needed surgery. Thousands needed medical care. The impact on the hospitals and clinics in the Region were stretched to the maximum with a shortage of medical supplies to treat the needy. The Destiny Medical Fund was able to purchase many supplies to help the hospitals and provide many more supplies from shipments from the USA. This emergency and the needs will continue for many years.

The Destiny Medical Fund can’t help all the needy but we can help as many as possible. With additional funds or more charities to network with so much more could be done…so many more needy, sick and injured people could be helped.



Founder and President